Hey, hi, hello! What do you get when you mix creativity and a little bit of undiagnosed ADHD? A whole lot of handmade stuff and a feisty young lady named Janaya Buck (oh hey, that's me)!

From an early age, I knew I wanted to be a "creator," but fighting boredom was always a struggle once I became too familiar with a particular medium. That's why I love experimenting with all things, from paint to watercolor to ink and now... polymer clay and beyond.

Onyx and Ivory Handmade is here to offer one-of-a-kind, handmade items, handcrafted by yours truly, at my home in central PA. As a self-professed "color kween" and fashionista, it made sense for my newest venture to be into the world of polymer clay jewelry, to complete your cute Instagram ready outfits! After-all, what's an #OOTD without some glam?

To anyone here or anyone shopping, thank you for your continued love and support of this venture. I can't promise I'll be making polymer clay earrings forever, but I can promise, for now and for awhile, that's what's happening. You know, until a new shiny object and challenge appears. 





Janaya Buck self portrait smiling, wearing glasses and Onyx and Ivory Handmade earrings